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Photography involves the science, art and practice of creating long lasting images by way of recording light or electromagnetic radiation. It is achieved either by means of an image sensor done electronically or by use of a photographic film done chemically. Depending on your point of view, it can be argued that photography from Advertising and Landscape to family has not changed much since its inception. Advancement in camera technology has led to camera equipment become affordable and practical, hence enabling even the average person to create images which would not have been possible in early years. This advancement has also come with its negative side, where the camera is viewed as just a box with a hole on end with no need for mechanisms and means on how to record a photo. This is wrong, the basic elements to capture a great and professional image has not changed at all.

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How Can Photographers at SW Portraits Achieve Professional Images.

Photographers at SWP must put in mind that the most important aspects to capturing great images are getting the right angle and the correct lighting.

Getting the right angle

This is one of the important things in determining the quality of your photos. However interesting your subject may be, you will still have to get that unique angle to make your photo shine. To achieve that perfect angle, there are some tips to help your photos really stand out and look great.

When trying to pick the right angle for your photo, always put in mind about balancing the composition and the angle you shoot from makes a huge difference for horizontal and vertical balancing of the photo. Make sure to vertically and horizontally get the best capturing angle of your subject, the aligning should not be too much concentrated in the middle such that the top and the bottom looks empty.

You should always shoot photos from the height of your subject. Do not look at the world from the height of your eyes, as this will make you take photos from the same height. Shooting from the height of your eyes especially in children or pets might result in bad photos.

A great way to achieving more intimate photos is to
get closer to your subjects. That way the photos will convey the kind of intimacy that can only be found in real life.

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Choose and angle that will show perspective in your photos. This can be achieved by aligning your photo side by side with larger objects if your subject is far. If the view extends into distance, shoot from a higher angle. To achieve an exaggerated look, try getting low and this will make objects look massive thus empathizing details on the ground level.

Lighting in photography

Exposure is the basic elements of any photograph taken. Basically, exposure is exactly how it sounds. It simply means how much light the shot is or was exposed to, and this reflects on the final image whether digitally or film produced. Without proper lighting, a great image will not be achieved. You should think of exposure as your eye, where if you are in darkness then you cannot see anything. Too much light will prevent you from achieving a better focus leading to overexposure while a darker lighting will lead to underexposure. To achieve the right exposure, the following into consideration:

Aperture is the setting which controls the size of the opening of light which comes through to the lens. Normally this is done by controlling the aperture blades which can be changed to allow the aperture to become smaller, in which less light is let through, or obviously larger where more light is allowed to pass through.

Aperture controls the amount of light that is going to enter the sensor. It is one of the most important aspects in focusing. When a photographer wants to capture as much photograph as possible such as landscape photography, then they should use a minimum aperture as possible. This will allow for the objects in the foreground and background to be in focus.Product Photography done in Oregon

Shutter speed is simply the amount of time the camera lets the light come in, stay exposed and become recorded. Learning how to pan the camera to follow a subject is great for capturing moving action such as in commercial photography.

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Using a higher ISO typically achieves more noise, while using a lower ISO helps you achieve a sharp image.

Aperture, exposure and ISO should be in synchronization to get a good exposure.

Photography does not have to be super serious, instead it should be fun. With these crucial aspects put into practice then great photography will be achieved. However, it is important to understand that in the end, the key to achieving perfect photography is practice.